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Utah - 2014-15 Season

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(except scaup)
Oct 4 - Jan 17Falconry permitted during open season
Oct 4 - Dec 27
Youth HuntSep 20Open to licensed hunters ages 15 and under accompanied by an adult at least 21 years old

Additional Information

Bag LimitAreaLimit
Possession limit: 3 times daily bag limit
Statewide7 daily, including no more than:
  • 2 hen mallards
  • 1 canvasback
  • 2 pintails
  • 2 redheads
  • 2 wood ducks
  • 3 scaup
Hunting Times
Arms & AmmoTypeDetails
Shotgun10 gauge or smaller, incapable of holding more than three shells
ShotMust be non-toxic
ArcheryCrossbows are prohibited